nursing internship cover letterHow to Write a Winning Nursing Internship Cover Letter

Getting an internship is easy, but getting through the process can be difficult. This is because some employers want to see what you can do, and sending nursing internship cover letters on your application is the surest way.

When faced with writing an internship cover letter, you don’t need to worry. Someone may have told you that you need to be an expert in writing or work experience in order to write a good nursing internship cover letter. This is not entirely true. There is nothing you cannot learn if you receive proper guidance.

So, in this post, we will not only give you tips on how to write the best internship letter but also provide you with samples that have won the vacancies for which applications are applied. You will also learn a step-by-step procedure for writing a cover letter – from start to finish. Stay with us!

What is a nursing internship cover letter?

Without being too philosophical about it, you can say that a cover letter is one of the tools of an application that advertises or sells you to your employer. Another tool that serves the same purpose is your resume. This is why when applying for most jobs; the employer will ask you to submit your resume and cover letter.

A job isn’t all that different from an internship. Basically, this is a job – your first real work experience in your chosen career. So you see, you have to treat it the same way you treat a job that brings money into your pocket. Moreover, many interns pay for their services to interns.

How do I write a nursing internship cover letter?

Do not be discouraged or kick up dust when you see an internship job that asks you to submit your resume and cover letter. Like your entry-level job, an employer needs your cover letter because it:

  • Better introduce you to them;
  • Emphasizes how excited you are about the position;
  • Describes the skills you bring to the position and why you are the best fit; as well as
  • Confirms how ready you are to start a new position.

For this reason, even if your employer does not instruct you to submit an internship cover letter, please submit it unless they explicitly instructed not to.

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How should I structure my internal cover letter?

Many people are afraid to write an internship cover letter because they don’t know what and how to get on. It’s a matter of structuring your internship letter.

You may have written many letters to your friend or lover in another city, so you have an idea of ​​how to compose a letter. But this informal letter has a structure that contrasts with the structure of the cover letter. On the one hand, internship cover letters are formal letters.

Thus, while there will be an initial difference in the appearance of both letters – addresses – there will also be a contextual difference in the body of the letter.

Each paragraph of your internship letter focuses on one of the questions your employer is looking for.

So, this is a chronological checklist of what your cover letter should have.

  • Your contact details
  • Company contact details
  • greeting: Dear + [Name of the hiring manager]
  • 1st paragraph: Introduction with the achievement that will attract your employer
  • 2nd paragraph: relevant skills/coursework + why you are perfect
  • 3rd paragraph: your passion + why you like the company
  • 4th paragraph: call to action
  • Free Closing: [Best Regards + Your Name]
  • Postscript (optional) – another achievement of yours

Are you asking how you can implement this in your internship letter? Read the tips below to understand what your employer really wants you to do.

How To Rock in Your Nursing Internship Cover Letter

Are you wondering how you can put down an impressive internship cover letter? Here are tips that you should pay close attention to in order to write the perfect internship cover letter to help you take up the position. Besides, you can hire a professional writer to do that for you. Click here

  1. Use a business letter writing format

Do not forget that you are enclosing a cover letter with your application for an internship job. You are in business, and you need to talk about it officially. Use a business letter format for your internship letter. This means that you include your contact information with a date and your employer’s contact information at the top of the page. After that, make a greeting and sign your name at the bottom when you finish writing your letter. You will get a clearer picture of this in our internship cover letter samples.

  1. Indicate the position for which you are applying

You didn’t just decide to write an internship letter, did you? There is actually a purpose why you are writing an internship letter. This goal, of course, is to apply for the position. Begin your cover letter by clearly stating the purpose of your letter. This goes in the first paragraph and helps show your employer that you’ve really thought deeply about the position, and not just tweak the general cover letter.

  1. Use the right keywords

It is very important! If you remember the trainee vacancy announcement you read before applying, you will remember that the employer indicated the skills and qualities they need. These are your keywords, and if your internship letter doesn’t include that, you just say hi to the employer, which is not what you want to do. You will receive these keywords in your internship job description. Qualities like “time management” and “interpersonal skills” are the types of keywords you’ll find in job advertisements.

  1. Add relevant coursework

You are applying for an internship to pursue the career you are currently pursuing in college, right? This means you may not have relevant work experience to prove why you are best suited for the position. However, this does not mean that you are not suitable for the internship. Adding relevant coursework shows the employer that you are truly passionate about the industry. They once took the path that you are walking, right? In the meantime, the inclusion of relevant coursework means that if you’re applying for an internship with an accounting firm, be sure to include the accounting courses you’ve taken as well as your accomplishments.

  1. Refer to relevant skills

You may be applying for an internship that your coursework does not support. Well, that doesn’t make you unfit for the job yet. Some positions may not require specific educational requirements from applicants. There may be certain skills and experience that they need. Have you done any other job (volunteer or at home) and will your employer consider the skills you acquired in that job are relevant? Do you or do you have extracurricular activities that are appropriate for your new role? Add them to your internship cover letter. For example, if you have studied graphic design at home using online platforms, this might suit you as a graphic designer.

  1. Show why you are best suited for the role

It is not enough to add relevant coursework and refer to relevant extracurricular activities. You must match these to the internship position for which you are writing your cover letter. So, you will need to take a critical look at the advertised position over and over again and answer the question of how well your skills and education match what is indicated in the ad placement.

  1. Explain how you will benefit from the internship

Remember, this job isn’t just about you. While your employer needs you for an internship, you also need them to gain work experience in your chosen industry. So let your employer figure it out. Describe how you would invest your best skills, education, and qualities to help the company prepare you to have an impact on the company.

  1. Follow (Optional)

Your interest in the position will be reflected not only in words but also in deeds. Did you say how suitable you are for this position? It is correct that you should know what the employer thinks about your presentation. So, towards the end of the letter, let your employer know that you will follow. Say in your email that you will be contacting you in about a week, but skip this tip if the internship announcement states that you are not contacting the office. If they do not state this, do not claim that follow-up will last longer than one week.

  1. 9.Viewing and sending

Do not submit an internship cover letter prior to consideration! It’s impossible, right? Ok, now be sure to read everything you wrote before submitting. When writing a letter, you can easily miss the spelling of words, punctuation, and grammar. If it flows and stops, it would be wrong. But as soon as you finish putting all your thoughts and ideas on paper, read them for errors. If possible, send a draft of your letter to close friends and family members for review.

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