Money Back Guarantee

Most companies will have a money back policy but they will not keep their promise. it is therefore important to make sure that you are working with a promising company. Nursing term paper is here to ensure that you feel safe when you are making an order with us. The money back guarantee gives right to the client to request for refunds at any stage of the order if need be. Normally, the money refund is processed within the first five working days after a request is made. Refund could be partial or full refund depending on when the request made or the cause of the refund request.

Reasons for refund request and their guarantee
a. Accidentally placed identical orders
There are certain situations where a client will accidentally place two orders that are similar. In such a case, the client could wish to cancel one order and hence will deserve a full refund of the amount paid for the order. If the mistake is noticed after a writer has been assigned and already working on the order, the client will be liable to only partial refund of the amount paid for one order. Otherwise, if the mistake is identified after the order is already completed and delivered; the client will not be refunded any amount.

b. Cancellation of an order
If the client makes an order and wishes to cancel it, for their own reasons they can do so ad are legible to a refund. If cancellation is made before a writer is found to work on the order, a full refund is made. However, if cancellation is made when the order is already 50% completed, then the client will be subjected to 50% partial refund of the amount used on the order. Otherwise, if the cancellation is done after the order has already been completed; no refund is made to the client.

c. Double payment of a single order
A client can wrongly/accidentally make double payment for a single order. Once you realize this, you are required to contact nursing term paper immediately. Make sure that you forward both receipts that you receive from PayPal. We will make sure that the extra amount charged is refunded to your account.

d. Late paper
In case of paper lateness due to delayed information that was sent to the writer late, the clients has no claim on the money refund. Otherwise, if the late paper is delivered to a client and the client doesn’t approve, he/she is subjected to a full refund upon request of the refund. It is important to note that all refund requests are done within the first two weeks after delivery.

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