Final: NUR 3825 Professional Nursing Paper Introduction: The major assignment in this course is a Professional Nursing Paper focusing on core the competencies that are essential for nursing practice. These Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies (NOFNCC) as discussed in Chapter 1 of the textbook*were developed after an extensive review of competency-based education, current practice and educational standards, projected healthcare needs, and current literature (Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, 2010). The NOFNCC were designed to ensure the delivery of safe, quality, patient-centered care by nurses with diverse levels of education in all patient care settings (Fater et al., 2014).


Paper Focus: Select a nursing clinical area (where you work or your future interest)The purpose of this assignment is for NUR 3825 students to research the NOFNCC and present how they relate to the clinical area you select.- Select two (2) of the NOFNCC.- Describe each of the two (2) NOFNCC- Identify how each relates to the responsibilities, opportunities, and expectations in the clinical area after the BSN degree is earned.


 Requirements: This paper will be evidence of your competency in developing and writing a scholarly professional nursing paper to include:ï‚· APA format –7thï‚· Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax as required with APA formatï‚· Appropriate reference citing to avoid plagiarism and maintain academic integrity


 Minimum of 5 current (within 5-10 years) scholarly references and may include your textbook (At least two nursing journals) 


o References should be from peer-reviewed professional journals, nursing texts, and refereed materials only (online peer-refereed journals are acceptable). References from printed nursing journals, publications, and books found in the nursing section of Valencia College Library are acceptable. Use of professional nursing databases (CINAHL, Ovid, Science Direct, ProQuest) is expected. Help is available from the Writing Centero Internet sources must be professional sources [peer-reviewed nursing journals, government-maintained health websites, upper education sites (.org, .edu)] and MUST be properly referenced. Google and Wikipedia are not considered professional research. However, Google Scholar does provide professional resources.


Paper length of 2-3 pages. [A two (2) page paper is to be two (2) full pages]. No paper is to be longer than three (3) pages. The two (2) to three (3) page length does not include the required title page and reference page(s). Your paper should be maximum four (4) to five (5) pages including a cover page and reference page. An abstract is not necessary and will not be graded if included.ï‚· Use Times New Roman 12-point font, double space, with 1-inch marginsï‚· Submission of paper as doc or docx file and includes submission label requirement.


 Late submissions will be adjusted according to policy.

 Papers will be graded per rubric online and returned online


.Please do not hesitate to reach out to instructor as needed.

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