AD Nursing Pediatric Nursing Case Study 1: Respiratory .

Directions: Read the case study and answer the questions. Your answers should be in full sentences, organized, flow logically and evidence critical thinking and nursing judgment. Use at least two evidence¬based or peer reviewed resources to support your work. Follow APA guidelines. Submit your completed case study to the Drop Box in the Quad by the due date posted by your instructor. Case Study:
Gary, a 4¬month¬old boy, presents to the pediatric office with a 3¬day history of worsening cough, fever 101, tachypnea and retractions. Gary’s 3¬year¬old sibling attends preschool and had upper respiratory symptoms one week ago. Gary’s mother reports he is listless and has not been eating well for at least the last two days, and that he just pushes the bottle away and she has had to change very few diapers. 1. What assessment finding from this description is the most concerning? Why? 2. What questions do you need to ask to gain more information? List the first three questions you would ask this mother, with rationale. 3. List the two priority nursing assessments/interventions you will perform, with rationale. 4. List the diagnoses you feel are most likely based on the provided information. If more than one, explain the relationship between them. 5. Discuss the teaching needs you identify for this mother. 6. Describe the diagnostic tests you anticipate being ordered and the associated nursing implications. AD Nursing Pediatric Nursing Case Study 2: GI 20 Points
Directions: Read the case study and answer the questions

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