Directions: Select an evaluation/teaching method. Discuss and analyze the appropriateness and effectiveness for a particular population of patients, students or new nurse employees. please choose the particular population nursing students because those who I am focussing on

Evaluation Methodology – 35%

e.g. demonstration using human simulation; paper and pencil tests.

Include a definition and description of this method from the literature. Cite several professional references (5 or more).

Population – 5%

Describe your selection e.g. young adults – define from literature.

Effectiveness – 50%

Discuss how your selected evaluation/teaching methodology has achieved desired learning outcomes for your selected population.

What are the learning outcomes that can and cannot be achieved using this evaluation/teaching method?

Include research showing the effectiveness of your selected teaching/evaluation method on your chosen population of learners (at least 2 professional references).

Format – 10%

Spelling, grammar (use of Standard English), typed or use of word processor. Submitted on due date. is a good resource.

follow the grading rubric

Guidelines for paper are followed. Reflection and preparation are evident in the paper including multiple professional references , it has to be within 5 years updated and relevant and includes comprehensive analysis of topic and synthesis of course content and research. Paper is well written using Standard English, is free of spelling and grammatical errors, and references are properly cited and documented using APA

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