• You are provided with an interview schedule and set of transcripts to analyse on the subject of friendship.
• Use Braun and Clarke’s (2006) six phase approach to Thematic Analysis to analyse the transcripts.
• Make annotations and identify/label codes on the transcript (you can do this electronically or by hand – but please remember to include a copy of your annotated transcript in your final submission) to show the process by which you have identified main codes and then themes.

Present your work as a partial report including the following sections:

• Develop a suitable title for your report based on your key findings.

• Outline the approach you took to identifying codes and themes with consideration of quality in qualitative research

• Include a summary of the main themes and sub-themes that you have identified (either in a short paragraph, figure or summary table to introduce this section).
• Describe each theme in detail, outlining preliminary interpretations of their meaning with supporting quotations from the transcript.
• Note any reflections.

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