each question need to be answered independently and they need to be at least 350 words. 

question #1

Design a study where more than one behavior analytic method is used to change or modify a behavior as part of the intervention.  Discuss the subjects, the target behavior and the combination of interventions that were used to change this behavior.  How might you go about completing a clear component analysis for this study? What might you change in terms of how you implement the behavior change plan to get a clearer picture of what is really going on in your study?  Ethical or practical concerns?


Using only one of the interventions for change in the study that you designed for the first Discussion topic this week, describe how you might go about including a parametric analysis. What type of additional information might you gain from this type of analysis? How could this new information be used to design a more effective intervention?  Any ethical, practical or socio-cultural considerations to reflect upon when deciding on the different levels of the independent variable?

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