We learned that enzymes are catalysts for thousands of chemical reactions involved in the metabolic pathways that regulate the function of living organisms. Enzymes are essential for life. In this week’s topic we will learn that enzymes are also useful for making our lives easier.. After reading the materials or some information about enzymes used to make the product, tell the class what you learned. 

Select one of the topics below and do some research to find out the purpose of enzymes in the product and select one specific enzyme related to that product to discuss. 

Topics (Select 1 topic and do some research about 1 specific enzyme related to that topic)

Enzymes in Detergents (or other soap products)

Enzymes in Meat Tenderizers

Enzymes in Production of Biofuels

Enzymes in Making Cheese

Enzymes for Bread, Pasta and Noodle Products

Enzymes in Wine Making

Enzymes in Fruit Processing

Enzymes in Medical Treatment (e.g., clot-busting)

Enzymes in Agriculture in Marginal Conditions (e.g., drought)

Tell the class what you learned.

As a response: 

In your own words provide a couple of sentences to inform your classmates about the purpose of the enzyme in the product or procedure. Be sure to share at least 2 interesting bits of info on the Enzyme you Selected. If you find an interesting tidbit about that enzyme you might want to share that as well. You need to explain why the enzyme is added (you might want to review the properties of enzymes). Don’t forget to include the names of the enzyme, substrate, and product of the enzyme catalyzed reaction as part of your response.

Cite your source(s) using the recommended APA style or MLA style (you do not need to indent the lines). 

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