Assignment 2: Teaching Plan Project

The Teaching Plan Model (please use the Teaching Plan Template)

To bring the teaching plan project all together, you will use the teaching plan template and assemble your teaching plan using the framework of the Teaching Plan Template. THE TEMPLATE IS ATTATCHED

Please note that in addition to assigned course materials, it is an expectation that you will include additional scholarly references to support your position. Submit this assignment to the W5: Assignment 2.

Part 3 – Teaching Project Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Teaching Plan Model (Appendix): Provided an appropriate title, description of topic, target audience, and setting.


Specified the learner centered lesson goal(s) and rationale.


Provided three learner centered learning objectives that address all required elements.


Provided a logical and instructionally sound detailed outline that includes time frames and innovative and creative teaching strategies.


Incorporated appropriate evaluation strategies aimed at assessment of completion of learning objectives (need percentage(s) to pass).


Followed APA guidelines for writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of sources.




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