Students are expected to write a research paper discussing a topic in sexuality. The purpose of this paper is to learn more about a sexuality topic of interest while improving professional/academic writing skills.

Research papers should not include personal experiences or opinions. Plagiarism of any kind (including resubmitting a paper for another class) will result in an automatic zero. No exceptions. Your paper must meet the minimum requirements below. Papers that do no utilize academic research (books and journals) and only utilize web sources will receive a zero. Papers that do not include in-text citations will receive a zero. All papers will be checked utilizing plagiarism detection software. You may not submit a paper used in another class for this assignment. Papers will be graded on:

Correct Length (at least 5 complete pages of text not including reference/title page)
Spelling and grammar
Organization (intro, body, conclusion; each paragraph will express a single thought/idea and flow logically into the next)
Clear, concise use of the research material and proper citation
A detailed review, description, and analysis of the material
Inclusion of a title page (with name, topic, class/section, date) and reference page
Proper usage of APA or MLA citation in text and reference page
All facts, theories, and thoughts of other writers will be properly cited in text
Proper format and length requirements
Medically accurate information (if applicable)
Using at least 6 academic sources such as books or scholarly academic peer-reviewed journal articles
Times New Roman, 12pt Font, Double Spaced, 1-inch margins
No bullet points, pictures, graphs, charts, etc.
List of references:

Marelich, W. D., & Graham, J. L. (n.d.). Social Exchange and Social/Physical Topography of One-Night Stands in College-Age Students. Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 16, September 12, 2013.

Raham, L., & Sheffield, M. (2007). The one-night stand. The Queens University since 1873, Journal.

Wetland, J. J., & Reissing, E. (2014). Casual sexual relationships: Identifying definitions for one night stands, booty calls, fuck buddies, and friends with benefits. School of Psychology, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON.

Jonason, P. K., & Balzarini, R. N. (n.d.). Unweaving the Rainbow of Human Sexuality: A Review of One-Night Stands, Serious Romantic Relationships, and the Relationship Space in Between. School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Western Sydney University, Penrith, NSW 2751, Australia.

Having a fling or one-night stand ”can give you a heart attack. (2011). BioScholar Staff.

Aaron, L. L. (2008). influence of alcohol and drug use on one-night stands among adolescents. Iowa State University Digital Repository.

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