Read the following scenario and respond to the questions for this week’s discussion below. Recall in this week’s lecture the article regarding the “Romeo and Juliet” law as one source of information. Also consider LIRN to find information to respond to this week’s discussion.

Scenario: Joel turned 18 last week and has been dating his 15 1/2 year old girlfriend Anna for the past three months. Anna and Joel’s relationship has the approval of Anna’s parents, who are also aware of their sexual encounters. Anna told her best friend Rebecca that she had been having sex with Joel. Rebecca in turn told her mother about Anna and Joel’s relationship, and also mentioned that they were having sex. Rebecca’s mother, who was horrified, reported the sexual relationship between a minor and an adult to the police. The police arrest Joel, he is convicted of a felony, and is required to register as a “sex offender” until he is 43 years of age.

Please provide your response to the following questions.

  • Should Joel be treated as an adult and be required to register as a “sex offender”? Please explain, why or why not.
  • What impact will Joel’s being labeled as a “sex offender” have on his place in society?
  • Will the label affect his ability to make new friends, keep the friends he had, will people be wary of being around him because of being associated with a “sex offender”? Please explain your response (s).

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