This week we are focusing on the application of nursing theories to research and evidence-based practice. You will be exploring the use of theory to guide the selection and framing of research questions. The course outcome addressed are: CO#2 Propose strategies for use of relevant theories that nurse leaders can employ in selected healthcare or educational organizations, considering legal and ethical principles. (PO #2 and 6) CO#5 Recommend strategies for the use of theory as the basis for actions of advanced nursing practice in leadership and education. (PO #5)For this discussion: In NR 500, you explored an area of interest related to your selected specialty track. You then identified an issue/concern related to that area of interest. Select a nursing theory that can be applied to resolving the issue/concern. In your initial response, address the following: How the selected nursing theory is relevant to your specialty track A brief description of the issue/concern How the selected nursing theory can be used to guide the resolution of the issue/concernInclude an example from the literature or your own experience to illustrate your points. Remember to include at least one outside scholarly source.I am looking forward to your responses, Professor DeggesP.S.-If you have already responded to me this week, you do not need to repost.

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