1. 1. When acting as the charge nurse, how did you address time management for the staff nurse and at the unit level? (Use your textbook for suggestions to improve time management in the future).
  3. 2. Describe the workload tool used where you have practiced to efficiently meet the patient staffing needs? If you are not currently working as a nurse, find a tool online and describe it. (See pages 444- 447 in your textbook).
  5. 3. Review the staffing and scheduling policy where you currently work and explain it in a short summary. If you are not currently working as a nurse, find a policy online and use it to answer the question. (See pages 457 – 458 in your textbook). Explore the American Nurses Association statement regarding nursing staffing advocacy, https://www.nursingworld.org/practice-policy/nurse-staffing/nurse-staffing-advocacy/ (Links to an external site.) and determine if the policy you reviewed meets the state minimum staffing guidelines? Why or why not?
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