Parental sources of self-control are cited as the most influential in establishing and reinforcing self-control in a child. This is so powerful that it is more influential than biological artifacts such as genetic predispositions that can lower one’s  ability to display self-control and delay gratification. Self-control theory has become widely tested and built-upon by additional theorists, and like a few theories, it has become a source for policy and program development.

  1. Discuss self-control theory; its elements, and how it is being used today, and how it can be improved.Your task is to consider programs and policies that can improve self-control.
  2. Also remember that a criticism of the self-control theory is that as adults, it is already too late to instill levels of self-control that will inhibit criminality. Explain if you agree with this premise that it is too late? Also what do you think should be done with the adults in the systems and if they are a lost cause.

Write a main posting; Everything that you say on your posting must be accurate and be backed up by credible resources, so researching your comments is vital.

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