Prompt: Please respond to the content you have read in Craigie, Chapter 1. Chapter 1.1) What does Craigie describe as the relationship between spirit and life? What are your thoughts? Do you have an experience to share pertaining to this description?2) How is spirituality defined?3) What are the components of the CAMPS framework?3) What are your thoughts and experiences with the components of the CAMPS framework?4) What does Craigie say about the “why” of suffering?

Summary:The purpose of the reflective exercises is to allow for analysis, synthesis and evaluation of nursing theory using guided questions. Reflection has been referred to as a process that happens internally, privately or in isolation (Hill & Watson, 2011). Also, reflection has been referred to as the examination of an issue of concern, as a consequence of experience, creating clarity and meaning in terms of self, and which results in a change of perspective ( Boyd & Fales, 1983).

Boyd, E. M., & Fales, A. W. (1983). Reflective learning: Key to learning from experience, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 23(2), 99-117.Hill, M. & Watson, J. (2011). Creating a Caring Science Curriculum. New York, NY: Springer Publishing.

Directions:The Reflective Exercise Questions will follow your Craigie (2010) readings.

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