RS120.OL QUESTIONS- WEEK 1 Follow instructions on Weekly schedule to complete assignment. 


1. Explain how God is the origin and end of all good moral actions.

2. What is the purpose of moral theology?

3. How can Catholics have assurance that the moral teachings of the Church are correct?

4. What often happens to societies that reject the moral law revealed by God?

5. What is the difference between humans and animals when it comes to moral actions? 

6. Define secular humanism. Can human reason on its own determine moral truths without error? Explain.

7. What is a “materialistic view” of the world?

This assignment is due 1/19 by 11:59 PM EST.


Read Ch. 1 & 2 The Basis for Morality (pp. 3-24) and Moral Theology (pp. 41-54 [top]) from text: Our Moral Life in Christ. Will post chapters on Black Board as well just in case some do not have their text yet.


Watch “What is the Right thing to Do?” by Michael Sandel


Reflection Journal #1 (Located under TOOLS in BB)

All reflective journal responses should consist 3-4 healthy paragraphs or more with well-thought out responses to each question for full credit. Remember, this part of your coursework is only between you and the professor.


Note: You will need to watch the videos in order to respond.


Write a response to the following:

1     Response to the Trolley Experiment: If you had to choose between (1) killing one person in order to save 5 lives or (2) doing nothing even if it meant watch 5 people die right before your eyes, what would you do?

2     What would the right thing be to do and what are you basing your “right answer” on?

3     Why is it important to bring this video on the discussion of justice and the right thing to do to moral theology? How are thy connected?

4       How do these topics impact you and your future career?


Note: Any references should be properly cited following APA formatting guidelines. Responses are due by 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, 1/19 on Black Board.

Reading Assignment


Write responses to Moral Theology questions placed on Blackboard.

Note: Answers to the questions must be substantive and in the range of 250-400 words for your response. Any references should be properly cited following APA formatting guidelines. Assignment due Wednesday, 1/19 on Black Board.


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