Study Selection For your course project, you will deconstruct a published research study of your choosing in order to demonstrate your understanding of the elements of research methods and good research design. You will be working with this study throughout the remainder of the course, so choose a research study from the academic literature in your field on either a topic of interest to you or a topic on which you might be interested in doing further research. Choose a study that is either quantitative or qualitative. The study should meet the following criteria: does not use mixed methodology. It is a primary research study. Studies detailing meta-analyses, theoretical proposals, or opinion papers are not appropriate for this project. It must report on original research conducted using human participants. It must be reported in an article that is part of the research literature of your field .It must have been published in the last 5 to7 years. Based on your assignment, your instructor will determine if the study you selected is appropriate for use in the remaining assignments in the course. You are required to provide the following to complete this assignment: The article reference in APA format. The persistent link to the article. A short paragraph explaining your reasons for indicating the study is part of the research literature of your field. A short paragraph explaining your reasons for identifying the research as qualitative or quantitative.
Offers a thorough, clear explanation as to why the selected research article is appropriate for an identified field of study, substantiated with citations from similar research. Thoroughly explains why the research in the selected article is qualitative or quantitative and supports the explanation with appropriate references. Communicates in a manner that is completely scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the identified field of style, and uses APA style and formatting with few or no errors.

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