Please read the following instructions carefully;


Responses for each question are between 250 and 300 words and should conform to APA 7th edition.


Question 1: • Envision yourself as a practicing nurse. Describe the importance of taking a nursing standpoint and scrutinizing reference points. How do these processes relate to theorizing at the point of care? Provide an example and rationale to support your response. 



Question 2: • If you had to design a new nursing curriculum, how should the teachings of Florence Nightingale and/or her Environmental Model be included as part of our nursing discourse, if at all? Provide rationale to support your response.



 Question 3: • Describe the evolution of nursing knowledge and how it informs contemporary nursing practice. Include a discussion of the role of theory in a practice discipline. Provide an example(s) and rationale to support your response.



 Question 4: • The nursing metapradigm /metalanguage offers a way to build and share disciplinary knowledge. Discuss both the shared understanding of the foura  domains as well as how they may influence/change /adapt in practice. Provide an example and rationale to support your response.



You are encouraged to use personal notes and other printed/written material to to each potential quiz question. 

Responses are to be between 250 and 300 words and should conform to APA 7th edition


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Discussion: Applying Florence Nightingale’s Theory to Your Life. 

Please respond to the following prompts:

1 – Choose one patient care problem (for example, adolescents at the end of life) Please look for a different one, and describe two ways you can apply Nightingale’s theory to the concept of environment.

2 – View the trailer of “An Inconvenient Truth” found on youtube: which is a movie by former Vice President Al Gore. How can you use Nightingale’s theory to address this major environmental problem?

Your initial post should contain two to three (2–3) paragraphs with three to four (3–4) sentences per paragraph. The post should integrate a minimum of three readings and/or other evidence-based research articles no more than three years old and use APA formatting for the citations and references.

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