“National Health Issues Concerning Overweight and Obesity” is the topic for the Research paper. I attached a  file of an outline that I did, if you could try to follow it in some way.

  • Present a summary of the current situation associated with your topic/issue.

    • Describe 1 or 2 challenges associated with your topic.

    • Describe 1 or 2 key health care players / stakeholders involved in this problem area.

    • Present and evaluate 1 or 2 possible responses for possible resolution to the challenge and discuss how the key players might be affected.

    • Draw a conclusion about the problem and its potential resolution and discuss related areas for further study.

  • 6 page type-written pages (exclusive of cover page, abstract, table of contents, and a reference list),

  • Double spaced in 12 point New Times Roman or Arial, and

  • Standard 1” margins (Please use full justification).

  • APA format standards. Cite all sources of information in APA

    style format (including videos and websites).

  • You need at least 5 credible sources (that does not include Wikipedia).

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