·     This paper is an accumulation of everything you have learned about this topic.

·     Discuss the following, based on your synthesis of your research:

o  The scope of the issue or problem

o  Vulnerable groups within the population

o  The impact of the issues or problems on the individual, family, and community

o  Legislative issues from your individual research

o  Research on the impact of these problems/ dilemmas/ deficits has on the health of this population

o  Support Resources available related to the problem or issue (all levels)

o  Personal perspective- the reality of living in this population (from your memoirs that you read) Do the memoirs reflect what the research supports- risk factors, short- and long-term implications etc.?

o  Nursing Responsibilities- what can we do from a health care perspective to better serve this population

o  What did you take away from your analysis of this population? What unmet needs did you identify and what are your proposed solutions.


·     The paper should be no more than 2500 words (maximum 10 pages, excluding title and reference pages) and must follow APA format. Make sure you have it set up with APA headings for each section.  Grading will be done using the rubric (will be available on Blackboard).

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