The focus of this assignment is to kick-start your thinking related to theory and the role theory plays in professional nursing practice. Please post a response specific to each of these items A, B, and C. A. “Nursing theory development is an essential component of nursing scholarship. Nursing science growth flows from nursing scholarship nurturing the interrelationship between practice and theory.” Please identify two specific examples of this in your professional life, give me the daily workaday nurses’ need of this and what is your understanding of this. B. Why do you, as a nursing theory novice, need to study concepts of professional nursing in this BSN program? C. General systems theory will be cited by several nurse theorists as being influential to their theory development. In your understanding of our readings, why do you think, in the time of ‘growing nursing theory,’ this theory from non-nursing disciplines “spoke” to our nursing theorist foremothers as being a part of nursing knowledge foundation?

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