nursing or patient care:Identify and describe a nursing or patient care topic/issue encountered during your clinical experience and its significance to nursing and healthcare.Review the current literature related to the chose topic and provide supporting dataAnalyze compare or contrast the review of the literature (evidence based practice) with the clinical nursing experienceSynthesize the nursing implications from recent literature to the specific topic or issue and include implications for the following areas:Nursing practice:-what are the best or preferred nursing practice for this concern Provide supporting data rational and evidence. What improvement can be made: is it a practice issue or a process problem How could it be changed Develop an action plan which can be implemented by the nurseEducation: what are the current guidelines for educating staff about patient care or nursing practice related to area of concern/topic provide rationales and evidence.Research: what are the priorities for further studies from a nursing clinical or leadership perspective The paper will reflect information literary skills.

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