Identify a public health intervention in the UK of your choice that addresses mentalhealth issues in young people. Use this to answer the following questions.1. Discuss the concepts and principles of modern public health that underpin theintervention you have chosen. Discuss mental health prevalence among young people in UK (16-25 years) for the last 5years. Make reference to social, culture and health system that could be a driver for the issueof mental health for young people in UK. Discuss the concepts, ethics and issues that underpin the intervention you identified i.eexplain why the intervention has been chosen and the reason why it is believed to work. Support your work with relevant academic materials.2. Identify and explain the key elements of the public health intervention and how itwould be evaluated. Use academic materials to identify those elements that cause mental health, and howthe intervention chosen addresses those. Explain the current provision for mental healthfor young people in England. Identify one quantitative and qualitative measure that could be evaluated in theintervention you have chosen. Explain how each of the measures would be evaluated including the tool that would beused and the process of evaluation. Support your work with relevant academic materials.

3. Review the evidence that supports this intervention and determine if theintervention is considered effective or not Identify and describe any studies/reviews/reports that have been carried out on theintervention. Analyse the information collected from the review weighed against the objectives of theintervention Make a determination on the effectiveness of the intervention with reason. Support your work with relevant academic materials.4. Describe one evaluation that has been carried out on this intervention and discussrecommendations for the intervention from the evaluation. Explain the different types of evaluation that could be used to evaluate this intervention.Show an understanding of the different types of evaluation. Explain the type of evaluation that has been used to evaluate the intervention andconsider why this method was used. Discuss the result of this evaluation Explain the recommendations for this intervention from the evaluation. Support your work with relevant academic materials.

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