Paper 1–Doing & Being in College:
About how & why college fits into your plans for your life.
I am here because I want to be?
My girlfriend/boyfriend is here?
College is on a list of things to do?
There’s nothing much else to do right now?
It’s a chance to be independent?
It’s an escape from home?
It’s what Mom/Dad/Grandparents wants?
Think about what you would like to achieve—gain knowledge, make grades, get degrees, prepare for a job, make friends, participate in athletics, find a partner? What else?
How will college help you beyond merely satisfying DOING MODEL goals—pursuing happiness through competing, earning money, accumulating toys? Making others envy your money, your power and your fame?
How will college help you find, nurture & develop your inner self? Become self-actualizing?
What is your attitude toward school, learning & academic achievement? Is learning cool?
How important to you are new ideas, thinking, writing, discovering & being challenged and tested intellectually?

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