Utilizing Kurt Lewin’s change theory (1951), explain in detail how the three phases of change apply to your personal life story?

The phases of change are UNFREEZING, MOVING, REFREEZING

Below are some tips on how to participate in this discussion.


UNFREEZING: What are the reasons that compelled you to make a change to go to school?(10pts)
MOVING: How are you making changes to your life to allow for school?(10pts)
REFREEZING: What is your ultimate dream or goal that you are working towards (after nursing school)?(10pts)

Slide 26-37 in module 1 gives details on the different learning styles as outlined by David Kolb. Using this information answer the following questions

a) Which learning style do you belong to?

b) How is this style going to affect how you learn as well as organize your work?

c) In your opinion, do you think your style of learning is going to be an asset or a burden?

The discussion board corresponding to this assignment will be found under the category “Comm Center” on the left side of your screen and the subcategory of “Discussions”; find the title of the board that matches the title of this assignment and post on that board only

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