2500 WORDS

*Assignment titles for Developmental psychology (i.e. pick 1 out of the 3 options below) but please see lecture slides from each marker for more detailed instructions

Amanda’s option:
How can Developmental Psychology inform policy makers on interventions to address child maltreatment?

Chris option:
Can deficits in autism be ameliorated with computer training? Evaluate the success of these projects in the last fifteen years.

Kostas option:
Critically evaluate the role of molecular genetics research in finding the genetic variation that contributes to the heritability of psychological complex traits across development.

Developmental assignment

At the beginning of your assignment, following the title, you need to state the precise word count of your assignment (excluding references). Furthermore, it is expected that your assignment is free of spelling errors. Both of these tasks are easily accomplished when using a word processing application and thus constitute additional reasons for which it is in your interest to type coursework.

Your coursework assignments must include a reference list (NOT a Bibliography) and you must follow exact formatting standards for both references and citation in your text, as used in Journals published by the British Psychological Society.

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