Health Informatics: Practical Guide Seventh Edition  by William R. Hersh  (Author), Robert E. Hoyt  (Author)    

ISBN-13: 978-1387642410 

 ISBN-10: 1387642413



Patient portals, such as MyChart – Epic, allow access to patient information with a few clicks.  For this discussion, define and discuss consumer health informatics and mHealth. Be sure to include the reference in APA format. Your original post is due on Wednesday and your comments are due on Sunday.  Please see the rubric for grading.





  1. Consumer health informatics is all around us. Answer the following questions:
    • Define mobile health and give two benefits
    • Define consumer health informatics and give two benefits
    • Discuss two components or features you would like to see in your patient portal.  If you are unfamiliar with patient portals or would not like to see additional features,  use, find and summarize a recent news article related to patient portals.

For information on APA format, please visit Reference List: Electronic Sources.  Be sure to include a reference for all initial postings.




There is no topic in health informatics as important, yet controversial, as the electronic health record (EHR). Although EHRs have been around for over 40 years,  they are still controversial in the eyes of many. Due to the federal government reimbursement programs for EHR use by physicians and hospitals, EHRs are now part of the healthcare landscape.

Mobile technologies, particularly smartphones, are extremely popular among all members of the healthcare team. They have gained popularity because of its: improved speed, memory, wireless connectivity and shrinking form factor (size and shape), affordability, constant improvement, access to the Internet, and thousands of apps for consumers and clinicians.

Information technology has the potential to improve decision making through online medical resources, electronic clinical practice guidelines, electronic health records (EHRs) with decision support, online literature searches, digital statistical analysis, and online continuing medical education.  Healthcare reform is dependent on quality healthcare and that is dependent on the best evidence available.


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