My leading cause of death (LCD) 

is Breast Cancer. I am from 



Weekly Objectives:

1.     Develop a health promotion plan for a specific population within the community related to one of the following a leading cause of death or chronic disease incorporating the essential components of the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), neighborhood and built environment, health and healthcare, social and community connections, education, and economic stability contributing causes, prevention strategies (all three levels), behavioral counseling, and immunizations

This is not a formal paper.  You may write this up in paragraph form with headings or use headings with statements and bullet points.

Section 1 (4 points)

Identify the previously chosen leading cause of death (LCD)– need to cite data (in-text citations).

·      Leading cause of death – describe the data on the LCD list for both the US and your state

·      Mortality rate in the US and your state – choose the latest data, is your state higher or lower than the US rate?

·      Morbidity rate (how many people have the health problem) in the US and your state?

Section 2 (10 points)

Background Information– include the following information

·      Identify the social determinants of health associated with this illness/cause of death

·      What are specific causes of the illness – statistics, contributing factors

·      Describe the 3 levels of prevention strategies for the disease/illness – Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary

·      Are there any associated health behaviors e.g. immunizations


Section 3 (11 points)

Program Description, Objectives, and Handouts

1.    Briefly describe your program – is this a class or a one-on-one program?  Who is the target population?  Is the objective of the class to prevent the health problem or to promote health with those that have the health problrm?

2.    Objectives – minimum of 2 objectives.

Objectives for the program need to be specific and measurable (SMART Goals – see handout)

For Example: The participants of the program will describe 2 important items on a food label by the end of the class.

3.    Handouts/Web pages

Supplemental educational handouts must be evidence-based and/or from a national initiative.

List the title of the handout with the URL link of each handout that you would like as part of your program.  Make sure the URL link works – you will not get credit for a URL link that does not work.

For example:

1.    All About the Fruit Group:

2.    All About the Vegetable Group:

Web pages should be consumer/client focused and from scholarly/reputable organizations such as the CDC, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society

Section 4: Implementation of the Program  (2 points)

What strategies would you use to implement your program?  You must consider your target population.  What is their educational level?  Is your program understandable to your target population?


Here are some examples of things you can use as part of your implementation:

1.    Provide each participant in the program with a folder containing the handouts.’

1.     Provide a MyPlate tip list for each participant:

2.    Have participants take the ChooseMyPlate quizzes:

3.    Demonstrate reading food labels by providing different types of food

4.    Have each participant build a healthy meal using


Reference Page – in APA format, remember to include references for the handouts.

Reference Page and grammar (3 points)




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