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Health Production

1.The production function for health care, like that of any other product, will eventually be downward sloping.This is because health care will experience diminishing marginal products as more inputs are added.

2.Public health measures reduced the spread of disease along with improved nutrition.Public health provided interventions toward decreasing mortality and produced information to decrease illnesses.

3.The historical role of medicine has advanced over the years.Public health measures were developed especially in the 19th century as the rapid growth of cities required systematic sanitary measures.

4.Allocative efficiency is a type of economic efficiency in which economy/producers produce only those types of goods and services that are more desirable in the society and also high in demand.Technical efficiency refers to the physical relation between resources (capital and labor) and health outcome.When individuals pay for health services in a market with out-of-pocket funds, their willingness to pay is measured.Technical efficiency in the healthcare system deals with minimizing cost and maximizing quality.

5.The type of technological change in healthcare that is likely to be cost increasing is a new computer-assisted scanning device that enables the physician to take much more detailed pictures on the brain as evident of more patients requiring scans for any ailment occurring in the body.The brain coincides with the whole body functioning.

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