Find one article on an issue pertinent to global health.  Example topics include (but not limited to) HIV/AIDs, drug resistant TB, malaria, and global warming.  The article does not have to be a research article, BUT must be from a reputable source- e.g. Time, NY Times, US News and World Report, Wall Street Journal, nursing journals. 

Write a paper which 1) summarizes the article and 2) discusses the implications of the article to community/public health nursing.

Suggested organization of the paper:

  1. Brief introduction of topic, including name of article, name of source (journal, etc.), author(s)’ name and publication date (1 paragraph)
  2. Summary of the article (2-3 paragraphs)
  3. Discussion of implications of the article to community/public health nursing. How would you, as a community health nurse, use the information in the article? (2-3 pages)

This is a formal assignment which includes:

 1.  Title page and reference page are required (according to APA).

 2.  Proper grammar, spelling, APA are expected.

 3.  Body of paper should be NO MORE THAN 3-4 type-written pages, double-spaced.

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Define the political economies of a low income & high income countries and describe how governments impact global public health, both positively and negatively?

maximum word : 500 but not less than 280

work should be with citation and reference:

no plagiarism 

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