For the Final Project, you write a cross-cultural research paper comparing your own culture with a culture that interests you. You will provide an in-depth analysis and comparison of the psychological processes of both cultures. You will select your culture to use for the Final Project by Week 3, the week in which you review the measures of intelligence. You analyze how intelligence is perceived by each culture and what factors may influence the perception of intelligence. As you continue your analysis of the psychological processes for your cross-cultural research paper, you also compare identity development, health and wellness, morality, and gender.

See the Week 1 Project area for further details.

The Assignment (15-page minimum) Your Assignment is to choose a culture outside of your own and develop a minimum 15-page cross-cultural research paper.

  • Describe the culture of interest and explain why this culture interests you, include whether it is a collectivistic or individualistic culture.
  • Describe the culture you most identify with and its characteristics, include whether it is a collectivistic or individualistic culture.
  • Compare the similarities and differences between the culture you selected and your own related to time orientation, communication, physical and mental health, group relationships, and perceptions and measures of intelligence.
  • Describe a theory that will guide your analysis of both cultures.
  • Based on the theory, explain how each culture influences human development, identity development, and personality development within it.
  • Based on the theory, explain how each culture influences the expression of emotion, the development of morality, gender, aggression, and one other psychological process within it.
  • Explain any biases that may influence your analysis of these cultures and explain why.
  • You must use at least 10 references in APA style.
  • Support your responses using the Learning Resources and the current literature.

Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.

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