Max Points: 10.0

Find an article on a societal factor that is affecting nursing/patient education curriculum. Summarize your article for your classmates in one or two paragraphs. Discuss why you chose the article and what can be learned from this trend – how would you use it to improve the quality of nursing/patient education? This article and those posted by your classmates may become the foundation of your paper due in Topic 2. Be sure to include the entire citation in APA format. The article you select cannot be from any of the course materials or supplemental readings. Please note: It is a violation of copyright law to post the entire text of the article to an online discussion board. So be sure to post only the citation information so that the article can be located if someone is interested in reading more. The article should come from a graduate-level journal, like an advanced practice journal or nursing education journal – not an entry-level journal like AJN, RNNursing, etc

Question description

Smoking Cessation: The concept of health risk behaviors as it relates to unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking cigarettes is one of the important issue nationwide. As nurses, we have to promote disease prevention and health promotion. Using studies such as this concept analysis about ways to help adolescents/young adults quit smoking in our practice, will benefit in preventing many diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, throat cancer and ultimately save thousands of lives.

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