Topic Question: Case Study of the patient that I have been looking after during my placement.The following are the diagnosis.Fournier Gangrene Scrotum,Carrier Of Vancomycin Resistant Enterococus,Diabetis Mellitus Type2,Ischemic Heart Diseases,Pulmonary Hypertension,Chronic Pain,Smoker.Allergies Atenolol,Below Knee Amputation.

Topic Description: Biographical Desription,of the client you have cared for.2.Outline the issues.3Critcally analyse how you plan to work with this client by evidence based practice and underpinning your decisions with relevant health and social care policies.4.Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies utilised in maximising the person’s independence.Included will be evidence of effective communication skills partnership working. Demonstrate use of relevant evidence based literature in an unbiased manner ,accurate referencing Harvard referencing system.

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