Writing an essay title is easy, there are a few key concepts to remember. The following pointers will assist you in staying on track and avoiding common mistakes.

Write an Essay First

Do not start with an essay title. If you write it first, then the rest of the text will be based on it. Write an essay before choosing on a heading to get a clearer idea of what the reader should understand. Reread the completed paper several times to come up with a title.

The last thing you need to do is come up with a title; using this method, you’ll be able to spend more time writing an essay description, doing research, or actually writing the paper.

Take into account the theme of the paper.

So, what exactly are you writing about? Is your paper an academic essay or a free-form essay, such as a narrative essay, and what is the format? If the topic of your essay is “Do people who commit heinous crimes deserve the death penalty?” your essay title should be serious and to the point.

If your subject is “Why do people want to watch funny cat videos?” feel free to come up with a clever title. Determine the tone of your essay and construct your title around it, keeping the essay’s subject in mind.

The tone can be anything from:

“The Consequences of Global Warming” is a serious subject.

“How cats and dogs love their masters” is a funny one.

“Ways to Fight Depression” – amicable

Persuasive – “Why constructive thinking is an ability that everybody should have”

“Ten rules for making a chemical at home” is an interesting read.

Keep It Short and Simple

An essay title’s main aim is to give the paper a name. There’s no need to tell the whole story in the title or provide any unnecessary details. Summarize your article in a few sentences! Another alternative is to summarize your thesis argument, which expresses the main idea of your essay. Condense your research into three or four sentences.

Use Relevant Words

Don’t use euphemisms! Put together a list of 2-3 main terms (keywords) and stop wasting your time. Jargon and abbreviations should be avoided.

Involve a Little Bit of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tool that can support any student or young writer. Detect terms relevant to the paper’s core concept when working on a title. Google the terms and add the word “quote” to the search page. A search engine can return a plethora of web pages containing in-text quotes that may be useful. Choose your favorite fragment. This is a good way to learn how to create a clever title for an article.

Get Help Online

If you don’t want to pay for any online resources, use a free title generator provided by one of the many academic services available online. Remember that these resources aren’t nearly as good as a skilled writing service.

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