If the day after your essay is due, but you have nothing to do with it, what do you do? Maybe begin to write your essay as quickly as possible. Perhaps there are other options before you quickly write an essay that won’t get the best rating.

In the perspective of a student who needs a review but has yet to write, we have tried to address this problem. Which options are there? Let’s see some of the easy methods of writing an essay.

Seek help from a friend

You may be able to get them to help you if you have a friend who has a high standing for every essay he or she gives. You may want to work together to save valuable time by speeding up the writing process, or your friend may write a complete essay. You can support your friend in exchange for other tasks or even pay for work for his friend.

This is not the best option, of course, as your friend also has tasks to do or to do other things. This is not the only option, so consider using the advice we have listed above.

Use Someone’s Work as an Example

Well, plagiarism is difficult to call this option. However, your work is not entirely yours. Copy or take parts of the structure of someone’s essay and change it as yours are different things, right? However, students are acting in both directions. This means that some works are more plagiarized than others, but some works are simply based on works by someone.

Every essay has the same structure:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Body paragraphs (the number may vary, for example, three body paragraphs for a standard one-page or five-paragraph essay).
  3. Conclusion.

You can therefore see that most essays with the same subject are likely to have the same structure and order. It is difficult to keep your work completely distinctive while writing a paper if other works are also based on the same ideas or answer the same question.

Ultimately, it will be unnoticed that the copying of the structure is the basis of the entire essay. It’s difficult to make enough changes to transform and make it unknowable if you make changes to someone’s essay. Furthermore, this is plagiarism and will make you feel very traumatized.

Purchase an Essay

It is possible that the idea of ordering it has already crossed your mind when you really need it that you have not got the time to write. Online writing teams are numerous and work on various kinds of papers, not only in essays, every day.

You can ask for help from writers who do not only re-write papers of someone, but also create them from scratch if you don’t need enough time to write an essay. You must not worry about the plagiarism in this way since your work is original.

Rewrite Current Essay

You can try and rewrite it to make a completely new try with an excellent essay, which you can take as an example.

How can the text be rewritten? Firstly, the text you write will be broken down into smaller parts, which will make working with you easier. Secondly, to make these two articles less similar, you need to draw up certain facts, examples or quotes which are not stated in the original text. You will obviously have to research and ensure that the facts or examples (statistics, quotations etc.) are adequate and complement the rest of the essay.

Rewrite all the sections of it one by one. You must read the paper you are working on first and then use your own words to write down the information. Add examples and facts to the essay that you prepared, and check it – it should contain the supporting evidence to support each claim and should include, starting with the strongest, at least three examples.

You can likely write an essay quickly, around 30 minutes or so if you use this method. For example, in 15 minutes or less if you have not had as much time to have an essay, see the method below.

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