Energy Transportation and Storage

Transportation needs constitute one of the highest areas of demand for
energy resources in the United States. Transporting people, raw
materials, and energy tax the country’s reserves heavily.

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which
you do the following:
• Describe methods of storing and transporting energy. Include the
following information for each method:
• Potential hazards
• Benefits and drawbacks
• Costs of each
• Discuss how to achieve the following outcomes for each
transportation and storage method:
• Reduce the risks to the environment

• Reduce accidents involving people and the environment.
• Ensure the safety of workers and communities close to these
means of transportation and storage.
• Describe methods for transporting the following entities by land, air,
and sea. Identify the benefits and drawbacks of each:
• People
• Goods
• Materials
• Summarize the standards, laws, and guidelines in place to reduce
accidents and potential sabotage.

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