Effects of high aerobic intensity training

Student description of the Research and the Researchers:
-Student provides a concise and accurate description of the research study. Student describes the researchers who conducted study inclusive of discipline(s), location, and population of interest. Student describes type of journal in which study was published.Student Analysis of Background & Purpose of Study:
-Student critiques how well the authors accurately identify the purpose of study and discuss the significance on why it is important to conduct such research.

Methodology (research design, sample, data collection):
-In your words, student provides accurate identification of type of study (Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed). Student accurately identifies research design (experimental, non-experimental, RCT, cohort, case control, phenomenological, etc.).

Results / Findings:
-Student provides critical and accurate appraisal of the Level of Evidence (I-VII). Student analyzes findings from study and the significance of findings in relation to professional nursing practice. Student correctly identifies and discusses study limitations in terms of external validity of findings.

Application to Clinical Setting & Future Practice (general and individual):
– Student compares similarities of sample and setting under study to population from clinical experience (Note: see the attached document that explain my current clinical experience at Waukesha County Mental Health). Student provides insightful ideas on why or why not this practice is present. On a personal practice level, student describes one take away aspect/learning from this study and how he/she will incorporate into own practice.


Note: additional citations are unnecessary in this review

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