Discuss the moral principles used to guide the nursing research study FNP role
Project instructions:
Topic Ethical Values in Nursing Research-
Locate any current (within the last 5 years) nursing research text/article.
Select a nursing research study related FNP role option and evaluate it for the moral principles and perspective (justice vs. care) which guided the study. ; the ethical principles that g u i d e nursing research in general.
Write one page summary including :
a. Discuss the moral principles that are important in any nursing research study. b.Discuss the moral principles used to guide the nursing research study FNP role
c. Analyze the balance of risks/benefits inherent in any research study.
The following sources are suggested:
Beauchamp T. L. & Childress J. F. (2008). Principles of biomedical ethics
(6hh Ed.). New York: Oxford.
Mohammed S. & Peter E. (2009). Rituals death and the moral practice of
medical futility. Nursing Ethics 15292-302.
Not for the writer. This assignment is for Online discussion board. SO I can not use any intro or conclusions. PLease no intro or bio or conclusions. Just facts .Please use simple English because English is my second language.

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