:- Part 1: 40 Compare and contrast theories of ageing which come under the general heading of : (i) Programmed ageing (ii) Unprogrammed ageing With particular reference to their possible interactivity (Maximum of 2,000 words) Part 2: 5 By means of diagram(s) and text indicate the main changes in ageing patterns in western populations during the twentieth century. What are the major implications of these for health care delivery in the twenty-first century? (maximum of 500 words)

Part 3: reading part 3 5 (a) Discuss recent evidence concerning the importance of the telomeres and the enzyme telomerase in both ageing and cancer. (Maximum of 500 words)

5 (b) Describe experiments demonstrating the effect of caloric restriction on lifespan in animals. Do you think this practice will prove popular with humans? (Maximum of 500 words) 5 (c) Tithonus asked the gods for immortality but forgot to ask for eternal youth. If science could offer you eternal youth and immortality would you accept? What do you suppose would be the effects on the individual and on the society and social relations? (maximum of 500 words)


Assignment 1: (continued) Part 4: 30 Describe the major changes that occur with ageing, and the most common setulae of ageing-related dysfunction in two of the following body systems: (a) Nervous system (b) Respiratory system (c) Skeletal system (d) Muscular system (e) Lymphatic/Immune system (f) Renal system (g) Gastrointestinal system (h) Cardiovascular system (i) Reproductive system (j) Integumentary system (k) Special senses (l) Endocrine system (Maximum of 1,500 words)

Part 5: 10 Describe any one of the other body systems mentioned (of those that you did not use in the answer to Part 4), in Part 4, and for this body system discuss how lifestyle changes may delay the onset of ageing related dysfunction and the appearance of disease. (maximum of 500 words)

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