TERM Paper; Skills in Health Care Administration II

You are to write a  paper of at least 20 pages.Remember, this is a formal paper requiring a cover sheet, abstract, in text referencing and a reference section.  (APA style 6.0). The cover sheet, abstract page and reference page DO NOT count toward the required minimum of 20 pages.


Do not use first person.Me, Myself or I.


You are a health care administrator for Saint Comfort Medical Center.  You oversee many departments, one of which is inpatient pharmacy.  You have been getting a number of complaints from nursing that IV medications are not available when required.  You decide to establish a quality management team to address this issue. Describe how you would go about establishing an appropriate team, how you would implement the DMAIC cycle, and what leadership style would be the most appropriate to insure success of the team and why.

[Make sure you cover most aspects of  Quality Management found in the text]

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