In the past few weeks, we have examined areas related to developing cultural competency, as well as developing health professionals and educators. The 2000 DHHS report, Healthy People 2010, has two primary goals (1) increase quality and years of health and (2) eliminate health disparities (DHHS, 2010, p. 2).

Consider the following questions and answer in 300 words or less:

  • Discuss the importance of one leading indicator discussed in Healthy People 2010 and how it impacts goal number two, “eliminate health disparities.”
  • After reviewing the various self-assessments models or tools, select one for discussion and analysis. You might want to do an Internet search and visit various Web sites (such as, the Joint commission, National Center for Cultural Competence, Healthy People 2020, American Speech, Language and Hearing Association) or find one from your textbook readings.
  • Identify and discuss the importance for health care leaders to develop goals (benchmarks, measurable, or timelines) in support of a health care organization’s strategic goals?
  • How can health care data collection be helpful in assessing effectiveness of cultural and language services and improved communications and outcomes? Provide a specific, detailed example.
  • To what extent can self-assessment help individuals and organizations understand where they are and what they might need when considering Continuum of Care to meet patient’s needs? Explain.
  • Think about your course project. What benefits will be derived from self-assessments?

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