Complete ONE reflective clinical journal entry for each clinical day and put in the designated drop box.  Your journal article MUST be attached to your assignment.  Not submitting your article results in a 0 for the week.   This assignment is worth 50 pts/week.


1.            Identify the clinical experience and describe the events noting the 4 areas of Community Health Nursing:  Intake, Chronic Care, Medication Administration, and Episodic Care/Sick Call.

2.            Based on your knowledge of the core functions and essential services of public health nursing and/or community based nursing, what did you observe to be the role of the RN and/or other personnel involved in this clinical experience/event?

3.            What was positive about this experience?

4.            What concerns can you identify about this experience?

5.            How will today’s experience enhance your knowledge base?

6.            Research a different topic area (see weekly topics choices below) per week and its application to Public/Community Health Nursing.  Write a reflection paper (minimum of 3 pages) incorporating your research and your reflection on the topic. 

7.            A copy of a scholarly article must be attached to each entry.

8.            Modified APA format will be used, including a Reference Page and Title Page, as well as citation(s) within the paper.

Needs to include :did you observe the 4cares of community chronic one medication administration episode care

Core function be specific



Knowledge base

Discuss your article incorporating it

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