I need a reply to my classmates contribution and this is it below.


  1.  1 What have you learned about your communication abilities after completing a process recording?


Communication is the act of giving, receiving, and sharing information. In a therapeutic nurse-client relationship, nurses have the ability to express and receive written verbal and or non-verbal language. Nurses should interact with the client in a respectful and professional manner to establish and maintain trust by using different communication strategies (College of Nurses of Ontario., 2019). After completing the communication process recording between me and my client, I reviewed the recording. Where I noticed that I have the ability to choose an appropriate time for communication and good initiation of communication by introducing myself and clearly explaining the purpose of the meeting. Likewise, I have the ability to communicate in sequence to share information for clear understanding. Being oriented about the room setting and surrounding environment for the client’s comfortable with disclosing information and maintaining confidentiality with respect to the client’s right to privacy was also important to make the communication effective.


B)    What went well? What would you like to do differently in the future to improve your ability to communicate effectively with your patients and their families?

The communication process was organized and overall good. I was successful to established and maintaining trust with the client during the share information. Sufficient time was given to the client to share information and thoughts for a broad opening. I encouraged him to disclose his thoughts to assess his knowledge and understanding. According to CNO (2019), the nurse has to inform the client that share information is shared with the direct health care provider who is involved in the client’s care. However, I forget to inform the client about it. In the future, I would inform the client about it, that shared information will be shared with the associated health care team, and also ensure the client about his privacy maintain, review the communication process, and highlight the important information to ensure a clear understanding, and opportunity for the client for his remarks at the end is also essential to maintain trust with the client.



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