Ayurvedic Medicine

Purpose: to introduce the student to the categories of Ayurvedic medicine.

Process: Student will complete the Ayurvedic medicine self assessments. Go to at least 2 web sites and discover your dosha. then write a scholarly Paper by following the given instructions. “I attached some files that will help, and my results from the 3 assessments are in the instruction document”.

Pr. Instructions:
* Write a scholarly paper and provide a statement claims and evidence format. Since we are not experts in the subject every claim we make have to be supported with scholarly evidences from someone who is professional on the matter, and make sure to in-text cite each evidence. Be careful from any in-text citation mistakes. Remember All claims must have evidence! And please make sure of the in-text citation part!

1- Identify yourself as either Kapha, Pitta, or Vata using the self assessment web sites.
2- State the physical characteristics of your type.
3- State one different treatment for each person an Ayurvedic healer would prescribe for this type (you) to decrease the effects of stress.
4- A minimum of 5 References, 4 sources from your own chice of book, scholarlt artilals our websites. And the other 2 sorces have to be from any of the attached materials.

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