Assignment this week is to compare and contrast each of the following four behavior change theories:

  • Health Belief Model
  • Social Cognitive Theory
  • Transtheoretical Model of Change
  • Theory of Planned Behavior

Read about the theory from the textbook, use the lecture recording as a reference, and do some additional research.  How do the identified behavioral theories illustrate how health and well-being are factors of social conditions?

Section 1: Summarize each behavioral theory in less than five sentences (each), to illustrate how health and wellness are factors of social conditions.  (5 sentences * 4 theories = 20 total sentences).

Section 2: Note key similarities between the theories in general, and more importantly, the main constructs.  FYI- they all focus on behavior change, so do not mention this as a similarity, the number of constructs in each model is also not worthy of mention. 

Section 3: Note key differences (i.e., distinctive features) between the theories in general, and more importantly, their main constructs. 

There is no minimum length for this paper; however, I will be looking for evidence of critical thinking and substantial analysis of theory application, including main constructs. 

All written submissions should reflect professionalism in grammar, spelling, writing style/format (one-inch margins, double spaced, typed in 12-point Times New Roman font), include APA 6th citations when appropriate, an appropriate title page, and be uploaded as .doc or .docx documents.

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