Description of the Assignment


In this assignment, students will create an infographic to explain how therapeutic nurse-client communication aligns with a relational inquiry approach to nursing practice. The infographic will be designed as per the workshop offered throughout the course.  



The student will create an infographic that describes how one of the techniques of effective communication demonstrates their nursing obligation in the nurse-client therapeutic relationship (compassion, curiosity, commitment, competence, corresponding). 


Instructions for Completing the Written Assignment


The student will: 

  1. Choose one effective communication technique from Module 3 content and one relational capacity (compassion, curiosity, commitment, competence, corresponding).
  2. Create an infographic that illustrates the relationship of the chosen communication technique to the relational capacity in the nurse-client therapeutic relationship.
  3. Include relevant scholarly data that supports the description in the infographic from at least 2 scholarly sources over and above textbooks, and professional website documents.
  4. The assignment will have a title page, integrity pledge, a reference list and will be formatted in APA 7th edition.




What to submit

Submit the following three pages 

  • An APA 7th edition title page with the Integrity pledge included 
  • Title of Infographic & link to the infographic (page 2)
  • An APA 7th edition Reference page 



Your infographic is to include the following in addition to the assignment requirements: 

  • applicable citations — as per Ewan’s instructions
  • image credit 
  • References 



Select two relevant scholarly articles from the Humber Library database 

  • When selecting articles, use the RADAR tool in determining article appropriateness in supporting your information for your infographic   [please note that these do not have to be research articles — but should apply to the topic for your infographic–as described through the assignment description]


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