Question: A new immigrant from Mozambique with limited English living in Etobicoke


Use the following to guide your inquiry and to provide a framework for your presentation:


 1. As you utilize the inquiry skills (multiple modes of inquiry) you have developed over the semester, identify some of the contexts that are most relevant to your client.

 Consider the historical, physical, political, economic, social, and linguistic environments that influence your client’s health. 


2. Examine the underlying assumptions: use the hermeneutic and critical lenses to expand your view and to sharpen your focus. 

What do you see when you use a hermeneutic phenomenological lens? What do you see when you use a critical lens? 


3. Describe and provide possible examples of the connections between the social determinants of health (education, occupation, social class, social support, gender, racism, poverty) and your client’s health and access to healthcare. 


4. Describe the inequities (differences that are unfair, modifiable, and arise from unjust systemic social arrangements) that affect your client’s health and well-being. 


5. Using a socio-environmental perspective of health, give examples of how a nursing standpoint can support your client’s choices and capacities to live meaningful lives within their particular personal and social contexts. 


*Inquiry framework adapted from Doane and Varcoe (2021) 



ï‚· Students must include an introduction that describes the assigned client and a conclusion that summarizes how you were able to utilize relational inquiry to see the bigger picture. 


ï‚· Each group must use the course textbook, one professional document, and a minimum of three scholarly journal articles. 


Students must include a doi in the reference list. 


ï‚· APA (7th ed.) format is to be used for all supporting evidence. 

You may choose to include references on your slide or at the end on a reference page.


Part 2: Personal Self-Reflection: “Looking Through the Cracks and Cleansing the Debris” (15%) As you reflect on your own learning about relational inquiry and nursing this semester, use the following questions to guide your thinking and frame a comprehensive written response: 


1. What were your initial thoughts about your assigned client? 


2. What else did you see after examining the interpersonal, intrapersonal and contextual levels using hermeneutic and critical lenses? 


3. Consider the aspiration and concerns you have as a nurse. How are they shaping the way you are relating within the situation? What does all of this tell you about yourself? 


4. What windows or cracks might you look through to learn more about yourself and to care for yourself more fully? 


5. How might you clear the debris? Consider some of the strategies you learned in the resilience workshop that are important for your self-compassion. 

*Inquiry framework adapted from Doane and Varcoe (2021) ‘Try It Out’ pg. 133-34. 


ï‚· The written response should be formatted as a paper and should not exceed 500 words in length (not including the title page). 

ï‚· The paper must be typed, double spaced, and accompanied by a title page (per APA 7th edition format).

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