1.            Identify the clinical experience and describe the events noting the 4 areas of Community Health Nursing:  Intake, Chronic Care, Medication Administration, and Episodic Care/Sick Call.

2.            Based on your knowledge of the core functions and essential services of public health nursing and/or community-based nursing, what did you observe to be the role of the RN and/or other personnel involved in this clinical experience/event?

3.            What was positive about this experience?

4.            What concerns can you identify about this experience?

5.            How will today’s experience enhance your knowledge base?

6.            Research a different topic area (see weekly topics choices below) per week and its application to Public/Community Health Nursing.  Write a reflection paper (minimum of 3 pages) incorporating your research and your reflection on the topic. 

7.            A copy of a scholarly article must be attached to each entry.

8.            Modified APA format will be used, including a Reference Page and Title Page, as well as citation(s) within the paper.

Needs to include :did you observe the 4cares of community chronic one medication administration episode care

Core function be specific




Discuss your article incorporating it

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