Your  comments will be graded on how well they meet the Discussion  Requirements posted under “Before You Begin.” Before delving into your  response to this Discussion question, I would like us to continue to get  to know each other through another icebreaker. You will be seeing these  icebreakers at the beginning of each module’s Discussion.  The  icebreaker for this Discussion is as follows: 

Ice-breaker: You can choose whichever statement(s) you would like. I  am passionate about  _________________. If I could choose any other  career/job, I would work as a _____________. If I had the time, I would  love to ______________.

Discussion topic:

Describe your professional role (current or future) in overcoming  societal, systemic, or structural influences (force) that create  barriers to healthy behaviors. Please specify your profession, type of  job, and give examples. After describing your role, ensure you give  examples of how you will go about aligning the role with your passion  and how you will achieve your future role(s).

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