Culminating Project

You are to complete a technology assessment on a healthcare organization or department as the final project in this course.

The culminating project requires the student to seek out a healthcare related organization (i.e. hospital, physician practice, public health agency, managed care organization, etc.) and conduct a technology assessment on a department of your choice. Interview members of a department to identify their MIS needs. It is recommended that you research a clinical (i.e. radiology, surgery, ER, etc) or administrative (i.e. reception, accounting, purchasing, etc.) department (rather than the IT department), which will give you the best insight as to how health information managers can best support the organization’s mission.

Your project should consider, at a minimum, the following categories in order to produce a relevant, productive analysis:

·  Problem: clearly state the problem being studied

·  Department: history, goals, politics, how department interacts with the organization as a whole, SWOT, key processes

·  Organization: history, mission, SWOT, environmental scan, experience with IT

·  Dept. Personnel: staffing composition, communication grid, attitudes/beliefs about technology, training/competence with technology, key influencers

·  Technology: departmental systems inventory (what they have, what they need, what they want  [gap analysis]), space needs, financial needs, training, suppliers/vendors, technology needs/goals, barriers to implementation, data requirements, IT infrastructure/configuration

·  Recommendations: clearly present logically supported recommendations for improvements, and suggestions on how to implement your plan

Instructions for conducting the assessment are provided in Assignments in Blackboard. This analysis should be delivered as a business document not a research paper. Therefore, there is no specific format (i.e. APA) requirement. However, if an outside reference is used, please site in the APA format.


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